El pacient anglès

Fa uns mesos vaig operar a un pacient anglès… i va quedar molt satisfet. Tant que va redactar com ho havia viscut i va demanar que ho compartís amb altres pacients. A vegades, llegir l’experiència d’un pacient ajuda més que tot el que el metge pugui dir.


I feel obliged to write this as I am so absolutely thrilled with my results.

I guess it all started some time ago … I have had to wear glasses for slight astigmatism (short sightedness) for around 5 years. I could never see things perfectly in the distance for as long as I could remember. The glasses worked, but after a period of time I felt more unsure of how effective they were. I simply put this down to further deterioration and thought it was ok being slightly blurred at distance.

Things got gradually worse… there were good days and bad days. I remember having completely blurred vision one day and thought it was simply dry eye syndrome (I suffer with eczema). Then things slowly got worse. I am 54 years old and thought cataracts were an elderly disease, so it never occurred to me that this was the problem. I was still having good and bad days. Eventually I began to notice that my vision was foggy in sunlight. I even remember mentioning to my wife that the weather looked awful and there was a sea mist when, of course, there wasn’t. 

Things were perfect at night as long as I didn’t look at lights which gave off a halo come starry effect when I did. Eventually I couldn’t read my phone messages during the day, unless I went inside and had the font size to maximum. It also affected my work as a teacher. I could no longer read some days.

I couldn’t recognise people in the street and even changed my diet as I could no longer see exactly what I was eating … not good if you are a fish fan! 

Unbelievably, I still thought it was a combination of my astigmatism and dry eye. 

I had my cataracts confirmed at Blanes hospital… a bit of a shock, but at least I knew the exact problem. They gave me two tests to confirm my cataracts and then put me on a waiting list. The problems being that I was not overconfident with the ophthalmologist and of course being the normal health system they would not treat my astigmatism. I was also wary of the lens quality they would use. 

I have a friend in the UK that actually sells lenses to ophthalmologists, and he went through the basics with me and recommended I go privately to a quality surgeon. 

I found Oftalis and Dr Giménez Mendoza with a Google search. It seemed a logical choice to go to the Institute of Ophthalmology. An appointment was made really quickly. 

For my initial consultation, I travelled to Girona by bus… A bright sunny day which meant of course I was wandering around virtually blind. I think this was when it really hit me of just how disabled I had become. The clinic is close to the train and bus station but felt like a challenge for me.

Once inside they put me through what felt like twenty different examinations, I knew I was in good hands. Of course, I already knew the diagnosis.

Meeting with Dr Giménez Mendoza was reassuring. He speaks perfect English. He explained fully what was happening with my eyes, explained the process and discussed the options in a clear and logical manner. We decided on Monofocal lenses that will cure my astigmatism but may require me to wear reading glasses. He even showed me what my vision could be like for close work and reading. Ok I could get used to glasses just for reading. The surgery appointments were booked for just two weeks later before I left.

Anything with eyes has always made me squeamish. I had visions of the pain, the needle into the eye, scalpels scraping away at my lens, the horror of seeing it all being done … nothing could be further from the truth.

Surgery day ..Apprehensive?.. of course! They make you wear a gown, hat and paper shoes. You are then put on a bed, a few eye drops to dilate your pupils and a drip. The waiting to be wheeled into the surgery was the worst part!

The surgery itself … a few more eye drops, a cover for your face which also keeps your eyelids open, blood pressure sensor and some oxygen for your nose and then the surgery starts. If you can imagine looking into a bright torch then that is all you see! Dr Giménez Mendoza told me what he was doing during the procedure and when to expect some pressure or discomfort …. I didn’t feel a thing! All over within ten minutes. Of course your eye is patched to protect it and to prevent you from rubbing it. Five minutes in a recovery room to check you’re all ok and that’s it! ! I asked Dr Giménez Mendoza what to expect when I removed the patch … more colours and possibly good vision… it can take time to settle in.

I felt no pain at all during or after the surgery. The difficult part was trying to see out of one bad eye!


The reveal.

The morning could not come quick enough. I did not know what to expect. At this stage anything would be better than before. I stood in the early morning out on my balcony that overlooks my garden. I peeked through a small gap at the side of the patch… I could see something! I slowly removed the whole thing… the first thing I looked at was a flower on my balcony … before 1 thought it was just pink… now it was an incredible vivid violet. I looked around and was amazed. I kept (and still sometimes do) covering up one eye at a time, a sort of before and after! I am truly amazed at the results. I can see individual hairs on my dog, the intense blue of my wife’s eyes, every individual leaf on a tree or blade of grass. My phone display is super hd now and I had to relook at all the photos I had recently taken. AMAZING! ! ! I cannot put into words just how good I can see. I have never had vision this good. I have to question if normal sighted people see as good as this, in some ways it just doesn’t feel normal. It’s like going from a black and white TV to instantly switching on an 8k hd one. The focus is so precise, new brighter colours for everything. I can’t stop myself from looking at things, I know this sounds crazy! I went for a short walk with my dog, in the daylight, testing myself on the things I could now see . .. I can read a car number plate at what seems like 30 meters. Incredible! What is more I can read my phone, see my watch etc I think better now than I did before, without glasses! My next operation is in a few days time… it cannot come quick enough!


For those of you who are in any doubt of having the surgery, then don’t… it is the best thing I have ever had done and 1 firmly recommend that you get Dr Giménez Mendoza to do the surgery.

Gary L.

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