The English patient

A few months ago I performed a cataract surgery on an English patient… satisfied as he was, he decided to write down his experience and share it with us. Sometimes it makes more sense to hear it from a patient than the doctor. Hi I feel obliged to write this as I am so absolutely…

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Cataract simulator

A cataract simulator has been added to the site so that patients know what to expect. Due to the cataracts slow progression, the loss of visual quality goes unnoticed by most patients. Certain qualities of the images are affected: contrast sensitivity, brighness, clarity… finally resulting in a blurry vision. An image has been altered in…

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The importance of a cataract specialist on a cataract surgery

Most readers may wonder what is the big deal with cataract specialist. After all, all eye surgeons do cataract surgery, right? Actually, all ophthalmologist trained in Spain have received a proper formation… Which means, theoretically, all of us are able to do a cataract surgery. True. That being said, once with improve our specialization in…

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What is a cataract?

The cataract is a consequence of the crystalline lens growing old. Yes… I know… let’s go one step at a time. The crystalline is a lens we all have and allows us to focus at different distances. I’ve marked it with an arrow on the drawing below these lines: This lens should, as its name…

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