Lenses for cataracts

Intraocular Lens

During the concepts of the cataract article I already mentioned the need of an intraocular lens. In this article, I’ll explain a bit more regarding these lenses. There are over 500 available models world-wide. Each surgeon is offered around a hundred different models. Each model with its own particular optical behaviour and signature from each…

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The importance of a cataract specialist on a cataract surgery

Contents1 Choice of lenses2 More premium lenses3 Fewer complications4 Fewer surprises5 More surgery rooms available Most readers may wonder what is the big deal with cataract specialist. After all, all eye surgeons do cataract surgery, right? Actually, all ophthalmologist trained in Spain have received a proper formation… Which means, theoretically, all of us are able…

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What is a cataract?

Contents1 So, cataract is something that grows on our eyes, right?2 This is soooo not happening to me3 And this is not solved by wearing glasses?4 Ok then… Let me know when the time comes5 How does a normal surgery day go?6 Oh! Wait! You actually skipped HOW is the surgery performed!!7 Is a lens…

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