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Uveitis specialist and member of the "Sociedad Española de Inflamación Ocular" (Ocular inflammation Spanish Society)


The key is choosing the best surgical approach and lens for each eye

Medical retina

Macular degenerations, diabetes, vein occlusions,...

I started working in Girona back in 2014, where I settled down and worked in several hospitals. Currently I am the head of the eye care department at the Parc Sanitari Martí i Julià (also known as Hospital Santa Caterina).

As a cataract specialist, with hundreds of surgeries performed at Clínica Girona,I bring new approaches to the surgical procedure and look for the best lens for each eye.


On the other hand, I am one of the two uveitis specialist in the entire Girona province. I regularly join meetings, lecturing on the latest treatments and advanced diagnoses.


The retina team at the Institut oftalmològic de la Clínica Girona is the result of the joint efforts of: Dr. M. A. Zapata, Dra. C. Huguet, Dra. S. Ayats and myself. Altogether we represent the best retina team available in the province.
In order to improve my cataracts and uveitis specialization, I had to detach myself from surgical retina procedures. Therefore, I can focus myself into providing the best results when it comes to the other fields.

Lenses for cataracts

By Alex Gimenez | 2 de February de 2021

During the concepts of the cataract article I already mentioned the need of an intraocular lens. In this article, I’ll explain a bit more regarding these lenses. There are over 500 available models world-wide. Each surgeon is offered around a hundred different models. Each model with its own particular optical behaviour and signature from each…

The importance of a cataract specialist on a cataract surgery

By Alex Gimenez | 21 de November de 2020

Most readers may wonder what is the big deal with cataract specialist. After all, all eye surgeons do cataract surgery, right? Actually, all ophthalmologist trained in Spain have received a proper formation… Which means, theoretically, all of us are able to do a cataract surgery. True. That being said, once with improve our specialization in…

What is a cataract?

By Alex Gimenez | 18 de October de 2020 | 0 Comments

The cataract is a consequence of the crystalline lens growing old. I know it sounds bonkers, let’s go one step at a time. The crystalline is a lens we all have and allows us to focus at different distances. I’ve marked it with an arrow on the drawing below these lines: This lens should, as…

Cataracts - let's run some numbers






Surgical complications


I attend patients at Girona, Banyoles and Olot, with different timetables, so as to provide the best possible service. However, the main center is placed in Girona, where we have most of the resources and the surgical rooms.

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