Sulcus lenses power adjustment

The rule of the nines

Known as “the rule of the nines”: every 9 dp away from 0, remove 0.5 from the lens power.

Proper adjustment

Every lens power should be independently adjusted. Each power lens requires a slightly different correction. Dr. Hill offers a table with a custom correction for every lens. Then, the appropiate constant correction should be applied to the result.

For example, if we had a patient with a theoretical required lens of 19.70 would get inserted a 20dp in the bag. If we convert it to sulcus, according to the rule of the nines, we would choose a 19dp lens with the same constant. If we are moving from a 119.2 to a 118.4 lens, we would choose the 18.5dp lens.

However, with the emmetropia + table adjustment, the 18dp lens turns out to be the best fitting one.

An automatic calculator, is available at our android app: CataracTools.


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