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This feature is included in our CataracTools app.

Scheduling the antiVEGF injections for Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD) or Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) has shifted its pattern. Originally recommended on a monthly basis, then applied as pro-re-nata but lately as treat-and-extend.

As we all know, calculating the weeks from the last injection or when the next one is due, is somewhat cumbersome and time-consuming. With this feature, the experience will be hassle-free.

When choosing the Treat and Extend planner on our app, you’ll be shown a monthly calendar with the current day highlighted. Click on whatever day the patient is having or had its injection. Automatically, a set of dates will be suggested: Q4, Q6, Q8, Q10, Q12, Q14 and Q16. There you have your antiVEGF schedule.

A 3-month loading phase will also be shown at the bottom. But the days may vary according to the month’s length or the weekends.

If the user clicks on one of the suggested dates, any of them, a new calendar will load showing the proper date. This is useful once you’ve established the appropriate interval between injections and would like to decrease the number of appointments.

For example, if you need to find a Q10, starting today, just click on today. Q10 will show up. Click on it, a new calendar will load up. Repeat it as much as you want for consecutive Q10 intervals. Check the images below these lines as an example:

Today is March 10th and I’m interested in two Q10. So I click on today’s date on the calendar. Q4-Q16 schedule appears
Here we have pressed the Q10 and a new calendar has shown up.
Treat and extend planner
By pressing May 19th, a new schedule proposal appears. Now we have the two Q10 appointments.

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